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You're a Monster to a Monster


The quietness surrounds me. It pours in one ear and out another. The only sound for ten million miles is the sound of my breath coming out of my mouth and smashing into the outside air then quickly mixing with it. And then faintly, oh so faintly, I hear a soft soft howling sound. I tell myself its just the wind, but i know it's not.  There is no wind under a mountain a million miles tall and besides, I've heard that sound before. It's the only sound for five hundred years in my own little private world. It's the kind of sound you think you hear but you're never really sure. It goes in your ears then slowly seeps into your mind. It makes your blood run cold as ice and makes your heart stop still. The howling sound starts out soft then slowly it grows louder and louder and higher and higher until it stabs your ears with its high pitched sword. I heard the sound but I didn't run. I just sat there frozen with fright. I tried to pretend like I didn't hear it but I couldn't. The sound was much too loud. I knew I must find what was making the sound and stop it whatever it was so I listened to find where the noise was coming from but I couldn't.  It was coming from all around. It was darker then black under my mountain so I brought down the moon so that I could see and when I could see I found myself face to face with the most horrible monster I ever saw. It had long bloody fangs and razer sharp claws. It was as tall as the clouds and as fat as a hog. It was screaming in freight. It was scared of me. It was 25 million times bigger than me and it was also scared to death of me. To calm it down I gave it a hug. It slowly stopped screaming and it smiled an great big smile. 

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