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On the Word

June 23, 2019



Bureaucratic systems are inherently untrusting. Should we follow Noah Yuval Harrari’s appraisal of the origins of written language to one of its numerous logical conclusions we might even classify the entire invention of written language as such. Untrusting of what? Untrusting of memory. One could spin positively that writing is simply an ergonomic extension of memory, a bionic invention which honors memory by enlarging it. But, like so many inventions, intentions are not always equal to outcomes. The statement is in fact true, yet it does not negate fact that writing is, inherently, untrusting. It trusts neither memory nor the moment. Harrarri stakes the claim that writing, among other traits, enables wider organization through the sharing of common fictions in the service of value currency, debt keeping, taxation and other power over efforts which enable the movement of mountains. Certainly the greedy gods we are asked to attend to have something to prove regarding the legitimacy of their stories, and yet the myth continues in the service of tomorrow, fomented by the fervor of the reader who waits transfixed and hungry for the next chapter of a never ending saga. A carrot. A crack in the fiction of the word. Another indication of its deepest disregard for the present. 


Though at times full of delight and enlightenment, are we not so captured by the written record as to be deprived of other pastimes such as speaking, and doing. Instead we are planning and recording. Documenting and scheming we build a bridge between past and future by record keeping in the present. Instructions, information and narrative are transferred by words which arrest action in the present. It is an interesting barter. Regarding the current exercise, however, of the Money Money commerce & lifestyle blog. I intend to write myself out of the agreement I have made with myself, as I have the strong feeling there is something to be said by this soon to be outmoded tact, and then I will find a new way to communicate.  One more faithful to both medium and message.  


The origin of a wave extends no further effort than that of momentary displacement. All momentum and distance lies in the fundamental relationship of one individual part to that next to it, and so on. At some point you must ask what the goal is.  I want more freedom, more love, more trust, more pleasure, more fantasy, more faith, more feeling.


For this exercise I will be reviewing my personal cache of self-scribed records and, where appropriate, formally archiving and/or transcribing content into digital media tagged for use in a digital matrix. A mind map. You may be asking what this has to do with commerce & lifestyle? The answer is this exercise intersects with one of the overarching economic theme of our study: synthesis or simplification (Dick, Mumford). This is an exercise in the transformation of more to less, which reduced noise and clutter through active intellectual processing and manual transcription, including shifts in medium and format.  

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