2/22 w/ Grand Earl LaValley and Tan Calogne @ the Landers Brewery, Landers, CA
4/19 w/ Sun Watchers, Brigid Dawson & the Mother's Network @ Bottom of the Hill, SF
5/22 w/ Los Dug Dugs @ Pappy & Harriets, Pioneertown CA 
1/21/20 @ the Roadhouse w/ the Dates
12/23/19 @ the Makeout Room w/ Brigid Dawson & the Mother's Network, Grace Sings Sludge, and Wiggwaum
12/21/19 @ Zebulon w/ Wiggwaum & LFZ
12/15/2019 @ Zebulon w/ Shannon Lay 
12/03/19 @ the Roadhouse w/ Unconditional Lover
9/22 @ the Satellite, Los Angeles, w/ the Intelligence
9/16 @ the Chapel, SF
8/9 @ Pappy & Harriet's, Joshua Tree, CA w/ Oh Sees
7/4 @ Bolinas, CA (at the hardware store!)
7/3 @ the Make Out Room, SF CA w/ Muscle Drum
6/30 @ Ye Ol' Echo,LA CA (Yellowhammer fundraiser
5/29 @ the Hyperion Tavern, LA // w/ Shannon Lay
5/25 (panel discussion) @ UCLA Alumni Salon
5/24 @ UCLA A.UD UHI Alumni Salon 
5/3/19 @ All Summers Eve, Wonder Valley, CA
3/27/19 @ the Hush Club, LA w/ Bart Davenport
3/7/19 @ The Makeout Room, SF w/ Tree Leafs
1/27/19 @ the New California Barbershop w/ LFZ
12/30/18 @ Zebulon, LA w/ Shannon Lay & Fever Girl
11/25/18 @ the Makeout Room, SF w/ Grace Sings Sludge & Solo Organ 
10/30/18 @ Zebulon, LA w/ Mystery Ride 
7/6-7/18 Yosemite Music Festival, Mariposa, CA
5/4 Natural History Museum, Los Angeles, CA
4/22 Earth Day, Zebulon, Los Angeles, CA w/ LFZ & Jack Name's Fictional Boys
3/18 the Chapel, SF w/ Nuclear Death Wish
3/22-25 Treefort Festival, Boise ID
2/3 the Chapel SF w/ ShELO
2/2 Gallery 16, San Francisco, CA
(Sonny Smith Art Opening!
1/19 Furst Wurld Gallery, JOSHUA TREE, CA
11/11_Permanent Records, LA w/FLATWORMS
10/31_All Star Lanes, LA w/ Shannon Lay & Bart Davenport
9/28_the Chapel, SF w/Sonny & the Sunsets
9/29_the High Hat, LA w/ the Donkeys
9/1_the Resident, LA w/ the Fresh & Only's
8/18_the Echoplex, LA Echo Park Rising
8/10_the Hyperion Tavern w/ LFZ
8/6/17_Zebulon, LA w/ Bart Davenport & Abelbody
6/28/17_Zebulon, LA w/ Flatworms & Mane
6/29/17_the Brick & Mortar, SF w/ Carletta Sue Kay & Muscle Drum
4/14/17_HM157 w/Charlene Yi & Nora Keys
4/10/17_Hotel Vegas, Austin, TX
4/8/17_the Monarch, El Paso, TX
4/7/17_Silver City, NM w/ Run on Sentence
2/28/17_the Eagle Tavern, SF w/ Sarah Beth Nelson
2/14/17_the Hyperion Tavern w/ Eric Landmark & Fryborg
1/20/17_The Griffin w/ Shannon Lay