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#9 The Great White Shark

Working recently with a friend they asked if all EGHCFPIB content was oriented toward environmentalism? The narrative of the work at hand was the insatiability of life as a biological condition: consumption, growth, replication; inseparable from greed as social condition: this is mine, i want more, give me that. While there are implications for conservation, the aim of the message is not so clear. One part biology, one part behavior, one part economy, one part nonsense. If there is a message to the project medium at large, it would be catharsis and behavioral change induction al la the introduction of information thorugh music with an eye toward the shape of the blob of human intelligence. But the nature of the query was more fundamental. My friend was questioning the usefulness of an environmentalist position in a universe of constant change, in which right and wrong are abstractions, and life is not so bad. Was the environmental condition not terrible at other times? Are greed and pain not a part of life? And what, they posed, what if the oceans became impassible, unbathable, filled with great white sharks? Would we kill the sharks? Would doing so be wrong? While shark populations like most ocean life are in state of rapid decline, the proposition strikes at the heart of a question which all thinking beings face: Who cares? How can right and wrong be evaluated and why should they be? And yet, in the absence of right and wrong, in a state of constant change, there is reason for humanity to overcome the greed, idiocy and fear that plague our base biological condition, threatening life on earth and annihilating the practice of true leisure. In fact our survival depends upon it. Call it anthropocentric, however while I do support voluntary population control, and while life is a circle, it still pains me to think we are so detached from our senses, so enflamed by our conditioning, that we actually cannot tell the difference between comfort and health. Our health depends upon the health of the system, and yet so many of our actions - our transactions - feed the beast, and so I shall continue to proselytize. #MoneyMoney #DonttFeedTheBeast.

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