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#8 Don't Set Things On Fire

This May seem too obvious but #1 in our 101 Ways Not to Burn series is simply not to set things on fire. While simple to say this is very difficult to do. Even when not considering extensions of fire starting abstracted by a process or two, parting with the ways in which we directly light things on fire personally is difficult. The things we light on fire ourselves tend to have a direct ephemeral connection to our primal selves and to our experience of magic, warmth, comfort, sustenance and pleasure. Lighting a candle, a campfire, a BBQ, a burner, a cigarette, a water heater pilot, a lantern, incense, sage, etc. These are not rituals we are soon to abandon. All in all they’re really not the most significant contributors to the crisis of climate or culture, but these acts deserve reflection. We will return to some of them one by one but employ the class of actions here as a frame which may hold all other suggestions in the series and which we may use to bring forms of fire setting abstracted by process back home to actions initiated by individual decisions. #101WaysNotToBurn #NoBurnNation #moneymoney

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