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#7 MoneyMoney

Why explore our topics through the lens of commerce? Because money is the God of man. But commerce and economy are not confined to cash markets. I like these two definitions from Economy; 1) an act or means of thrifty saving; a saving; 2) the management of the resources of a community, country, etc. [...].  We are interested in the intelligent management of resources of every kind and it’s relation to the agency of the individual in the definition of the structure of culture, especially as related to the well being and diversity of Earth’s ecologies. While many economies operate under the premise of scarcity, ours is not always. Certainly decisions must be made, but there are ways to feed your own needs and your neighbors, and we will be considering some of them. The other reason to consider commerce and lifestyle is to attempt to shove the economy of human thoughts and values. Only a fool believes that their individual decisions have no bearing on the shape of the world. Every choice made sends a signal to the system to change. The direction of the change depends entirely upon the nature of the signal. In a culture where money is God signals of buying and selling are very powerful and should be examined. To not live in a culture where money is God, one must step away from its worship. This is also an economic decision. #moneymoney

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