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#4 Don’t Eat Trash:

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

Everyone knows the airport is a swirling vortex of crap. It’s filled to the top with trash that is bad for the pocketbook, body, planet, and for our hive intelligence. Expensive plastic processed garbage of all kinds. Things you don’t need but want because you feel trapped. Fear of death induced abandon. Social crowding feeds panicked consumption. Every time you consume it you send a signal reinforcing its existence. This river of garbage carries into the airplane and includes both things for sale and complimentary trash. One simple rule to navigate the expanded consumer feeding trough of crap that spans all well traveled human passages: DON'T EAT TRASH!. Is it packaged in plastic? Is it nasty? Was it produced by a company that is horrible? Is it filled with synthetic chemicals?  If so, don’t buy it. But what if it’s “free”? DON’T EAT IT. Save a buck or two, avoid a feeling of physical ill, avert the dump - just say no to trash. And to make it personal today: Guy Fieri you suck for having plastic plates and cups at your dumb restaurant (but your staff is very nice); also I suck for flying and for, once again, eating a river of trash in the process. Also just so it can be the first day of reflection on fire we should acknowledge that every single thing happening in and around this flight, meal, beer, day, and life is inextricably and disaterpusly tied to man's greatest foe and accomplishment:🔥. The least on fire thing I’ve done in the past 24 hours is sleep, with all the lights out. It may also have been the best thing. #donteattrash #notrash #moneymoney #feeltheburn

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