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#1 The Last Year

We are now on the first day of the last year of the second administrative cycle of the E.G.H.B.C.F.P.I.B. The second cycle may have begun on Gregorian time but we thought it best to move on to Lunar time. Last chance to consummate the discursive challenge of 2020, year of the Rat. The MoneyMoney commerce and lifestyle blog, unrequitedly gushing on the below though 2/11/2021.

We will dedicate 47 days each to our 8 primary themes: Fire, War, Communication, Love, Power, Water, Life/Greed, and Freedom all on the premise of commerce & lifestyle. This leaves 5 days for setting-up and taking down our imaginary premise. Topics of the year of gush including but not limited to: index, coincident economies, simplification, the sophon, the anostomoic reticulum, gardening, don't feed the beast, and of course...big data. Feet on the ground and eye to the sky we will pontificate from our dust mote to the vast void.

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