#4 Don’t Eat Trash:

Everyone knows the airport is a swirling vortex of crap. It’s filled to the top with trash that is bad for the pocketbook, body, planet, and for our hive intelligence. Expensive plastic processed garbage of all kinds. Things you don’t need but want because you feel trapped. Fear of death induced abandon. Social crowding feeds panicked consumption. Every time you consume it you send a signal reinforcing its existence. This river of garbage carries into the airplane and includes both things for sale and complimentary trash. One simple rule to navigate the expanded consumer feeding trough of crap that spans all well traveled human passages: DON'T EAT TRASH!. Is it packaged in plastic? Is it nas

#2 Lunar Time

Why lunar time? In an era in which allegiance to systems of human logic and record keeping seem increasingly dubious, lunar time offers a tidy method for demarcating the ruthless arc of time’s arrow with no pen, no paper, no value system, no reference beyond the length of the day and the sight of the moon. The lunar new year, the first new moon following the northern midwinter, is like all new moons a time of darkness, reflection, shadow, and seed sowing. How does one know Midwinter passed? Maybe a water clock, an hour glass, POP-CORN, Google, Or maybe your internal clock is perfect. Einstein knew the distinction between past, present, and future to be no more than “a very stubborn illusion”

#1 The Last Year

We are now on the first day of the last year of the second administrative cycle of the E.G.H.B.C.F.P.I.B. The second cycle may have begun on Gregorian time but we thought it best to move on to Lunar time. Last chance to consummate the discursive challenge of 2020, year of the Rat. The MoneyMoney commerce and lifestyle blog, unrequitedly gushing on the below though 2/11/2021. We will dedicate 47 days each to our 8 primary themes: Fire, War, Communication, Love, Power, Water, Life/Greed, and Freedom all on the premise of commerce & lifestyle. This leaves 5 days for setting-up and taking down our imaginary premise. Topics of the year of gush including but not limited to: index, coincident econo

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